WeChat - Key Figures, Insights and Trends of the No.1 Chinese APP

WeChat - Key Figures, Insights and Trends of the No.1 Chinese APP

On March 18th, 2020, Tencent, WeChat owner, has released some key figures about the No.1 Chinese instant messaging APP. We will review the annual results on the WeChat APP including:

  • The size and the growth of the WeChat community
  • The performance of the WeChat Miniprograms and Pay
  • How the APP help during the recent Covid-19 crisis

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WeChat Monthly Active User - 1.164 Billion

In 2019, the size of the WeChat community has kept growing to reach 1.164 billion monthly active user. Even, if the growth of the WeChat users has slowed down over the last months, the number of active users prove that WeChat is still the center of the Chinese digital environment.

Chinese people use the APP more and more, as the numbers of messages sent have increased of 15% in Q4 2019 YoY

Today, almost every Chinese citizen is actively using WeChat making it the place to be for digital marketing. If you want to reach out to the Chinese market, it must be done first through WeiXin. Furthermore the platform is ideal for client management and customer service.

WeChat Mini Programs - A popular solution for e-commerce

 As discussed previously, WeChat Miniprograms are now over 3 years old and have known a growing popularity among the WeChat users.

Today, Miniprograms are largely used for e-commerce and sell products and services directly to the Chinese market.

In the report, Tencent highlighted that the number of transactions on WeChat mini-programs have grown by more than 100% in one year.

As such, the value of the transactions on this “WeChat APP” have exceed 800 billion CNY in  2019;

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WeChat Pay - Over 1 billion CNY in transaction every day !

One of the daily usage of WeiXin in China is payment. Every day, Chinese people are using the APP to pay everything online and offline, from their 7-Eleven shopping, taxi or medical expenses.

Because of this mobile payment habit, WeChat Pay now handle over 1 billion CNY of transaction every day. In the meantime, WeChat pay is actively used by more than 800 million consumers and 50 million merchants !

A daily support during the Covid-19 outbreak

As China was severely by the Covid-19 early this year, WeChat has provided an incredible amount of support to the Chinese people. 

First, the APP has allowed millions of people to connect smoothly as they were separated from each other during a main family celebration: Chinese New Year.

In the meantime, thanks to WeChat Work, millions of companies have leverage the platform to facilitate business. They use it to allow remote work from home of thousands of employees. Of course, WeChat Work provide support to keep servicing clients efficiently.

As such, WeiXin has been a vital daily tool of the Chinese society during the Covid-19 outbreak.

More advertisement and spending by advertisers

WeChat has demonstrated how relevant it can be for brands and companies to reach out to Chinese consumers. As such, the Wechat figures for advertising revenue has strongly increased in 2019 by more than 30%.

Find below all the numbers and insight from WeChat annual report:

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