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Chinese New Year 2020 : Top 8 Marketing Campaigns

Chinese New Year 2020 : Top 8 Marketing Campaigns

Get your popcorn and let’s review the best Chinese New Year Campaign of 2020 ! Much like the Super Bowl in the USA, Chinese New Year is THE key event for brands to connect with their Chinese audience in a creative manner. Mixing tradition and modernity, showing the realities of today Chinese society, brands have shared some great stories with us. Let’s review some of Next Ren Shanghai favorite ads. If you think some are missing, let us know we will add them to the list !

Nike: Catch me if you can for Chinese New Year !

A great story around the tradition of the CNY Hong Bao. Hong Bao are small red envelopes filled with cash and offered as a gift for special moments including weddings. For Chinese New Year, they are shared with kids and elders as a sign of respect. With this ad, Nike builds a great story and gives a funny twist to this Hong Bao tradition.

Apple: Mother eternal love & the story of strong independent women in China

For Chinese New Year 2020, Apple brings us a very emotional and inspiring marketing campaign. Sharing the story of a young single mum who fights for her independence despite existing pressures from her environment. The daily life of this taxi driver is played by Zhou Xun. The story shows that above all the love of mothers can overcome all challenges especially on Chinese New Year.

AirBnb: Reuniting with the ones you love for Chinese New Year

Many young women and men in China are now living and working in large cities in China. Not all of them can go back home to their parents for Chinese New Year. AirBnb with some emotional marketing campaign shows us how they bring families together for the holidays.

Adidas: Energize your Chinese New Year party

In 2020, Adidas celebrates Chinese New Year with an ad mixing Chinese traditions and an electronic club party. By mixing Chinese traditions and cultural reference with a young and dynamic tone, Adidas is definitely boosting our holiday mood.

Carlsberg: Some elevator fun for Chinese New Year

Carlsberg is taking us on an elevator ride ! The doors open on diverse Chinese New Year celebrations at every floors. No matter the party, Carlsberg will always be joining in.

Ecommerce platforms celebrate Chinese New Year !

Both Tmall from Alibaba and JD are celebrating Chinese New Year with special ads. Chinese New year is a key marketing and sales period for e-commerce platforms.

First, Tmall is taking a stance with a gay-friendly ad. This is a very unique and courageous ad as the public conversation around LGBT is still pretty rare in China. 

On another hand, JD brings us a collaboration with a key monument of Chinese history, the Forbidden City !

Durex: Bringing the “Raght” protection 

A great visual created by Durex for Chinese New Year ! This is a smart way to place the product at the center of your marketing communication for Chinese New Year.

And you wish one did you prefer ?

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