About Us



Our Vision

With two massive and complex environments co-existing, the digital world can be difficult to navigate.

On one hand, we see the western world dominated by the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) and in the other, the Chinese one build around the BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent), with almost no bridges between the 2 of them.

At Next 人, our vision  is to become a bridge between the eastern and the western environment and help international brands build successful digital experience in China and globally. 

Our Mission

Next  人 goal is to answer a unique set of questions to optimize brand digital marketing approach in China:

How do you grab attention online in China ?

How do you convert attention into curiosity, and this curiosity into action ?

How do you retain Chinese audience interest ?  

Reach out to us so we can help you answer precisely and set an action plan for your brand.


Next 人 builds your brand awareness in China using different tools, methodologies and platforms.

  • Get visibility through SEO and SEM on the key Chinese search engine like Baidu
  • Buy media on social media platforms to get visibility on WeChat or Sina Weibo
  • Partner up with influencers, key opinion leaders (KOL), and celebrities
  • Listen online conversation and share your expertise on online forums (BBS)


Next 人 gets the highest conversion rate by offering the best digital experiences and contents based on users expectations and your brand goals.

  • Build brand value and customer knowledge through campaigns and website
  • Generate sales with e-commerce website
  • Encourage sharing and generate earned media
  • Drive traffic to shops or offline event with O2O campaign


Next 人 builds and manages communities online in China. By engaging audience on social media we make sure to keep the brand in top of customer mind and push repurchasing.

  • Recruit communities on WeChat and Weibo
  • Create and post social media content
  • Build customer knowledge with data collection and social CRM
  • Design viral social media campaign to turn your audience into brand ambassadors