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Next Ren amazing photos of hand-painted fine china by Asianera

Next Ren amazing photos of hand-painted fine china by Asianera

Case Study - Storytelling & Photography

Photography and hand painting are both arts, and artists always recognize each other. When Julien Moreau, Next Ren Creative Director met with Grace Liu, Managing Director of Asianera, there was an instant connection. 

Julien Moreau was amazed by the incredible quality of the porcelain and the fresh uniqueness of the design. He immediately knew that his camera could capture the beauty already achieved by the porcelain artists. So, he put his creative mind to work, to bring the branding and marketing of Asianera to the level that their high-end high-quality porcelains deserve. 

Providing Asianera with photography and digital branding was a beautiful opportunity to show how storytelling can serve marketing; especially in a digital world where visuals are key aspects of the user experience.

As previously mentioned, authentic photography is a must-have for digital marketing and the Asianera case study is here to demonstrate this fact.

Creative collaboration

Julien Moreau, Creative Director of Next Ren:

"This is a project where storytelling again was the key. The real challenge was to create the perfect environment to highlight those fine porcelains in a distinctive way, and it was wonderful to imagine these environments with Grace. Together we aimed at finding the perfect balance to stay true to Asianera’s art pieces as well as build unique stories where the viewer’s mind can escape."

Grace Liu, Managing Director:

"Working with Julien and Next Ren was a real pleasure. Julien's creative mind really helped us, and in the end, the pictures speak for themselves. It is very difficult to find a photographer who is technically skilled in the craft of photography but also has a keen creative mind.  This is the beginning of a productive collaboration and we have found a great partner!"

Discover Asianera’s pictures behind the scenes below. 

Reach out to our team at Next 人 to help you; with photo and video shooting to build authentic marketing content that represents your company’s values. 

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