Male cosmetics in China: the right marketing strategy

Male cosmetics in China: the right marketing strategy

🧴 How to take advantage of the explosion of the male cosmetics market in China?

💹 In 2020, money flowed into the male cosmetics market with financing numbers hitting record and newly founded brands like Make Essence (理然) selling over 200 million worth of products in 2020.

❗ But not all brands succeed... like House99,  promoted by L’Oreal Group and the famous football player Beckham.

❓So what are the key marketing success factors for male cosmetics in China?

🟢 Keep it simple and easy to use - "The more convenient, the better" not so long ago, soap was pretty much it in terms of daycare. Avoid complex cosmetics terms such as toner, lotion, cream, cleansing, foundation, lipsticks, etc. Today, shampoo, shower gel, and cleansing are the three top popular products.

💰 Affordable price. According to the data from Tmall, Make Essence’s bestseller, a fragrancy shower gel, is only priced at 79.9 yuan. As a result, it achieved 10,000+ monthly sales units. On the contrary, male shower gel products from big brands; such as Dior and Chanel, only have hundreds of monthly sales units.

❤ Clear and unique selling point. Many new brands all position themselves as comprehensive male care brands, with product prices around 100 yuan and SKUs involving: cleansing, tone-up creams, hair spray, eau de toilette, etc. Brands need to find the right approach to stand out. Keep in mind that generation Z has become an essential consumption power in this market.


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