E-commerce in China: 5 things to know about 618

E-commerce in China: 5 things to know about 618

🤔You probably know about the N°1 e-commerce festival in China: 11.11, but do you know about the second largest?

🛒 It's 618 (June 18th). Here are a few insights:

🎂 618 campaign in China was initially launched by Jingdong for its anniversary in 2010. Every June is the anniversary month of JD; and, the promotion and discount reach a peak on 18 June.

📹This year, besides traditional e-commerce players represented by Tmall and JD, Douyin and Kuaishou, the top2 short video platforms, also joined the game.

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🤑 Over 578 billion yuan of total GMV on Tmall, JD, and PDD, with 250,000 brands participating (x 2.5 more than last year)

🕹️On Douyin, the post-00s accounted for the largest number of new users. During the 618 promotion period, with a year-on-year increase of 392.1%. Young consumers’ emergence prompts brands and platforms to adjust their marketing strategies like using virtual influencers

🍃Consumers' demand for improving the quality of life is increasing. And they are more and more accustomed to getting premium, imported, personalized, and diversified products/services on e-commerce platforms.

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